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Natt for Avenna escort wrote:
When we first started dating, I never pushed sex or anything else. I let things happen naturally. She was the one who ranted and raved about the importance of sex being meaningful. I am not a pushy or aggressive guy, and I understand that in the moment everyone needs to be comfortable. see the review
Vipunen for Sela escort wrote:
1) She was lying to you with the 15 date rule bull**** story. She might have already had a boyfriend she was sort of breaking up and getting back together with and didnt want to cheat on him. see the review
Relegation for Marlana escort wrote:
You did everything right, except the 15 date BS, give me a break. see the review
Tessera for Ahwan escort wrote:
I had a girl tell me she had a 90 day rule. After I picked myself up off the floor from LMAO... I said, ok, call me in 90 days. see the review
Algoman for Elisce escort wrote:
Here is the deal, if a woman, any woman tries to lay some arbitrary time frame on you, dump her. If the is into you she will screw your brains out the first chance she gets. see the review
Acolyth for Lithiane escort wrote:
For future reference, only give a new gal your cell number - never your land line. That way when you need to you can block her on everything. see the review
Sznyter for Suwarsih escort wrote:
fill in what you want. see the review
Sond for Erdiona escort wrote:
Her story was she did have to much to drink but was taken advantage of. I told her I didn't care. I basically told her to eff herself in such a way that she would look forward to the trip. see the review
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