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Asymptote for Gazang escort wrote:
Sorry but I get an…… "off" feeling about this guy. That "joke", the whole women calling him "baby" at the airport thing, the perhaps love bombing, etc. also, the stuff you have said that means he is not after sex does not mean at all that he is after more than sex. Not saying ditch him or anything, that's up to you of course but I would be careful see the review
Septuagint for Hume escort wrote:
Tell me what you think. You think he is running game? A player? see the review
Nestles for Thongphin escort wrote:
I like this guy so my blinders might be shaky,lol. see the review
Schwane for Mouheeb escort wrote:
Sounds like a bad joke that didn't land to me. see the review
Halling for Sofi Levik escort wrote:
You were right. He said it was a joke and apologized. see the review
Restive for Rehnuma escort wrote:
Think about it... see the review
Sequent for Poly escort wrote:
Given his last message to you about you wanting to be free to sleep with others, I doubt you will hear from him again. Only a person who had no regard left for you would send such a crass message. see the review
Fainecos for Tina Cdc escort wrote:
While his wording was crass, his summary was fair. I still don't get why you hesitated when he's apparently much better than anyone else you're seeing. The only reason I can think of would be because you think you could still do better. see the review
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